Update: Audiobooks.com

The year has seen the transformation of Simply Audiobooks into the formidable Audible-competitor Audiobooks.com, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

In hand with its anniversary, the site has introduced a significant price drop; joining the site used to cost $25 a month for two books. That’s been slashed to $14.95 for one book a month, and $22.95 for two per month. You can still join under their free trial program.

In the past year they’ve also put out an iPhone app and an Android App. The Audiobooks.com catalog isn’t quite as expansive as Audibles—25,000 titles compared to the Amazon subsidiary’s 100,000-and doesn’t support as many platforms, but at the end of the day some users prefer the Audiobooks.com user experience. Give their free trial a shot if you aren’t happy on the Audible bandwagon.

Introducing the Timeline

We’re very proud to introduce a new feature today: The Audiobooks.org Timeline.

This page allows you to go back in time and see which audio books were most popular throughout the past year. Whether you want to see what’s popular now, or what was popular over the summer (the sweltering Fifty Shades Trilogy), we’ve got your back. To our knowledge, we’ve got the only one of these that exists.

We’ll be curating this list, adding new time points as Audible releases them, and we won’t ever take away old days. You’ll also find our own take for many of the books that appear in these lists. Check it Out!

Audible sources both iTunes and Amazon, commanding the audio book market, so their top selling titles are representative of the industry.We’ve made it easy to check out more information at Audible if you want to learn more about an audio book… go have a look! We hope you find it as useful and interesting as we do!

Featured Narrator: Joe Barrett

Joe Barrett’s versatile interpretation of these edge-of-your seat thrillers and mysteries will engage your imagination and take you on a journey with some of the best authors in the genre. Mr. Barrett lends his considerable theatrical experience on and off Broadway to narrating and bringing to life the spine tingling adventures you’ll find in these Audible audiobooks.

Joe Barrett masterfully narrates One Second After by William R. Forstchen, a survival thriller where the impossible happens: a nuclear bomb sets off an electro-magnetic pulse reaction and shuts down every electro-mechanical device imaginable. Cars, computers, planes and hospital equipment are permanently wiped out, and a struggling American community must face their greatest challenge. They are plunged into a brutal struggle for survival as gangs roam the landscape murdering and plundering towns and communities. Could this really happen to America? Listen to One Second After and decide for yourself.

Don’t miss Marine One, another superb thriller narrated by Joe Barrett, written by James W. Huston. In a tragic accident on a flight to a top secret meeting at Camp David, the President of the United States dies aboard Marine One, the official helicopter, manufactured by the French firm, WorldCopter. Lawyer Mike Nolan must enter the world of intrigue to defend WorldCopter from charges of criminal negligence and find out who lies at the center of this sinister plot.

You’re sure to enjoy The Burying Place, written by Brian Freeman and also narrated by Joe Barrett. A suspenseful psychological thriller from start to finish, the story opens with the kidnapping of innocent Callie Glenn. Callie’s philandering father, a wealthy orthopedic surgeon, may have been responsible for the abduction. Jonathan Stride and his lover Serena pursue opposing sides, with Serena hoping to prove the Doctor innocent. Meanwhile, a serial killer fixates on police detective Kasey Kennedy, and a murder ties into Callie’s kidnapping. Find out how all the puzzle pieces fit together by listening to this fast paced murder mystery in the style of the Cohen Brothers movie, Fargo.

Joe Barrett takes you on another thrilling adventure with House Divided: A Joe DeMarco Thriller by Mike Lawson. Joe DeMarco is inextricably caught in a web of political intrigue when his cousin is murdered by military assassins and it is filmed by an illegal covert NSA surveillance program. Joe soon becomes the pawn in a cat and mouse game involving master spies and the Pentagon. All of these thrilling audiobooks are available at Audible.com.

Now you can join Audible.com for Just $7.49 and receive a credit good toward any of the audiobooks mentioned in this article or another audiobook of your choice. This introductory rate of $7.49/month is available for the first three months of your membership and then you can choose to continue at $14.95 per month.