Update: Audiobooks.com

The year has seen the transformation of Simply Audiobooks into the formidable Audible-competitor Audiobooks.com, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

In hand with its anniversary, the site has introduced a significant price drop; joining the site used to cost $25 a month for two books. That’s been slashed to $14.95 for one book a month, and $22.95 for two per month. You can still join under their free trial program.

In the past year they’ve also put out an iPhone app and an Android App. The Audiobooks.com catalog isn’t quite as expansive as Audibles—25,000 titles compared to the Amazon subsidiary’s 100,000-and doesn’t support as many platforms, but at the end of the day some users prefer the Audiobooks.com user experience. Give their free trial a shot if you aren’t happy on the Audible bandwagon.