Introducing the Timeline

We’re very proud to introduce a new feature today: The Timeline.

This page allows you to go back in time and see which audio books were most popular throughout the past year. Whether you want to see what’s popular now, or what was popular over the summer (the sweltering Fifty Shades Trilogy), we’ve got your back. To our knowledge, we’ve got the only one of these that exists.

We’ll be curating this list, adding new time points as Audible releases them, and we won’t ever take away old days. You’ll also find our own take for many of the books that appear in these lists. Check it Out!

Audible sources both iTunes and Amazon, commanding the audio book market, so their top selling titles are representative of the industry.We’ve made it easy to check out more information at Audible if you want to learn more about an audio book… go have a look! We hope you find it as useful and interesting as we do!

Introducing the Blog

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes. We’ve set up this blog, where we’ll be keeping you up to date on major audio book releases and news in the industry. We have some exciting new features around the site and audio book featurettes we plan to add in the near future.

There’s one we’re particularly excited about — we’ve been aggregating audio book bestsellers from various sources for some time now, and we’re going to roll out an easy way to see which books have been popular over the past year.

You’ll be able to go back through time not only to see the arc of a best-seller’s popularity, but we’ll make it easy to see what others have said about the book, and give you our own take. Keep checking back in the coming months.

We’ll be revamping the whole site soon. Stay tuned.