Have an iPhone or iPad?

There’s been a bit of news of late for iOS users:

First off – Audible recently updated their iPhone app, and they released an iPad-native version. It’s a sleek, new, graphics-heavy way to browse the store putting cover art at the forefront. Other updates include: you can sign in with your Amazon account more easily, and you can download 3 hours of content over cellular. You can find them in the App store.

Second – A trick recently came out turning your iBooks into Audiobooks, a la Siri. Essentially, you just use Siri Dictation to read either a portion – or the whole text – of an iBook. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessability. Tap “Speak Selection,” slow down the rate if you like, and turn on “Highlight Words” so you can track from where Siri is reading.
  2. In iBooks, open the book you want to hear. Tap the “aA” icon, tap “Themes,” and select “Scroll.” Tap and select a word, drag through the text as far as you’d like to hear, and tap “Speak” in the resulting menu.
  3. Tap and select anywhere and choose “Pause” if you need a break.

Check out the Example below: